Zingology Raspberry Powder Canister 198 g


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Zingology Raspberry Powder Canister 198 g
"Put a zing in your food by adding whole raspberry powder. An exciting replacement for whole fruits, providing real colour, flavour and nutrition for months on end without the need for artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
How to use our raspberry powder
As this is such a dynamic product there are so many uses and we are sure you will invent a few of your own – please let us know of any new ideas
Toss 1 scoop into your blender for a fruity twist to your morning smoothie – use your imagination to create different combinations or look at our recipe suggestions
Mix 1 scoop with water or juice for a nutritious afternoon refreshing and healthy drink
Sprinkle over porridge or toast for a tasty breakfast
Sprinkle over salads as a scrummy garnish
Fold into ice cream, yoghurt, baked goods, soups and sauces for added colours, flavour and nutrition
Mix 1 scoop with water and freeze in holders to make ice lollies
A flavourful mixer for raspberry lemonade
Perfect for dusting on desserts, glazes and vinaigrette
Use when making raspberry cream fillings
Use as an ingredient in your own recipes, or visit our recipe pages to try ours
Eat straight from the spoon – it tastes that good

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