Zita West Vital DHA – 60 capsules (4 weeks' supply)


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Zita West Vital DHA – 60 capsules (4 weeks’ supply)
“DHA will be become as important for pregnancy as Folic Acid in the future”
Zita West

It is well worth taking the time to look at the research on DHA to see why we believe that DHA supplementation is going to become so important to pregnancy planning in the future for couples at all stages of conception, pregnancy and birth, both natural and assisted.
Vital DHA is an essential fatty acid containing DHA and GLA. Essential fatty acids are very important for female fertility, helping hormone balance and egg production, and for male fertility too, as they are thought to help with the manufacture of healthy sperm.

We strongly recommend that all couples should consider DHA supplementation during their preparation for conception and that women should continue with this through pregnancy and in the months following birth. Research has associated optimal foetal and infant development with the availability of sufficient levels of fatty acids in the mother’s diet.

VitalDHA can be used by itself, should you so wish. Or it can be used as a companion product alongside our super-premium range (Vitamen and Vitafem, Vital Essence and ReVital Essence) or alongside our new, lower-priced, good value multi-stage multivitamin, Pregnancy Plan.

1 capsule to be taken two times a day with or after food.

Vital DHA is made from ultra-pure oils which are molecularly distilled to test for the absence of all known contaminants. It is free from artificial colours, preservatives and gluten and is certified non-GM.

All tuna oil used is dolphin-friendly and from sustainable stocks.

Capsule shells (vegi-caps) contain no meat products.

Good News For Our Clients:

As with any supplementation, we strongly recommend that you continue with all our nutritional products for at least three to four months. As you would expect, it can take several months to bring your body back into optimum nutritional balance, plus a sustained effort from then on to keep it that way.

Many of our clients have told us that they find the process of reordering each month a chore, which we can well understand. In response to this we have introduced an Automatic Reordering Service for all our nutritional range.
Pharmaceutical grade fish and tuna oil and evening primrose oil capsules. Two capsules a day typically provide 450mg DHA, 72mg EPA and 6 mg AA from:
 Fish oil, derived from fish, of which
 50% DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid)  750mg  
 Tuna oil derived from fish of which
 25% DHA, 7% EPA (Eicosopentaenoic acid),
 1.8% AA (Arachidonic acid)  342mg  
 Evening Primrose Oil of which 9% GLA
 (Gamma Linolenic acid)  200mg  

* Recommended Daily Allowance
Source Ingredients:
Fish oil preparation (fish oil, antioxidant: mixed tocopherols) 1, Tuna Oil 2, Evening Primrose Oil, capsule shell (Modified Starch, Glycerine, Carageenan, Disodium Phosphate, Medium Chain Triglycerides (Coconut and Palm Kernel Oils), Lecithin (Non-GM)3). Allergen Information:  1 from fish and soyabeans and products thereof, 2 from fish and products thereof, 3 from soyabeans and products thereof. May contain traces of macadamia, almond and sesame oil.
Allergen Information
Fish oil preparation (fish oil, antioxidant: mixed tocopherols) – from fish and soyabeans and products thereof
Tuna oil – from fish and products thereof
Lecithin – from soyabeans and products thereof
May contain traces of macadamia, almond and sesame oil
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need to take Vital DHA if I am taking Vitafem or Pregnancy Plan?
Vitafem and Pregnancy Plan are excellent multivitamins and minerals but they don’t contain the essential fatty acids you need. By taking Vital DHA alongside them, you will help to ensure you are optimally nourished when you get pregnant.

What are the benefits of taking both Vitafem or Pregnancy Plan and Vital DHA?
VitalDHA will help with hormone balance and egg production for conception as well as increasing your reserves of DHA to the benefit of your growing baby when you become pregnant.

Why should I take a supplement when I can take DHA from fatty fish?
It is sensible to incorporate fatty fish into your diet if you can. However, you would have to eat an awful lot of it to get the equivalent dosages delivered by the supplement. Unfortunately, as you may be aware, the FSA (Food Standards Agency) has recently had to warn women who are pregnant, or who are trying to get pregnant, to restrict their consumption of fresh tuna (the most popular of the oily fishes in the modern diet) due to concerns over the high levels of mercury found in some tuna fished from contaminated waters. VitalDHA is produced from refined tuna oil (using a process which removes any possible pollutants) and is biochemically screened for extra safety too.

How long in advance should I be taking Vital DHA?
We recommend that both men and women should ideally start to take a DHA supplement three to four months in advance of trying to conceive; but it is still worthwhile starting at any time prior to conception for couples, or during pregnancy for women. 8 out of 10 women enter pregnancy deficient in this essential fatty acid. It is important to take some form of DHA supplementation so that you can build your reserves for your developing baby. DHA supplementation has an important role to play for men too. It is thought that over 40% of cases of sub-fertility or infertility are now due to male factor problems (such as low quality sperm or low sperm motility) where deficiencies in DHA may be a contributory influence.

Why is DHA going to be the next Folic Acid?
The benefits of taking folic acid are now widely known, particularly its role in minimising the chance of anomalies with babies’ spines. And DHA is starting to get lots of recognition and press as well. A good maternal supply of DHA is crucial throughout pregnancy, particularly during the first 12-16 weeks of pregnancy when your baby’s brain and nervous systems are starting to develop. It’s important during the third trimester too (28 – 40 weeks) as this is when maximum brain development occurs. 70% of the nourishment your baby consumes during this period goes towards it.

How does vital DHA help with sperm count?
Most of the nutrients necessary for female fertility are equally vital for male fertility. Semen is rich in prostaglandins. These are derived from essential fatty acids. In animal studies, diets deficient in these essential fatty acids reduce sperm production.

Why should I take Vital DHA with VitaMen?
The combination of the two supplements will help to provide you with the key nutrients necessary for optimal sperm health.

Is there an RDA for DHA?
No, but research shows 700 – 1000mg per day is what is needed to maximise this vital nutrient for your baby.

Is it possible to overdose on DHA?
It is best to maintain the recommended dosage on the product. 2 capsules provides 450mg of DHA per day.

How do I know DHA is safe to use during pregnancy?
Health experts around the world now agree on the importance of DHA both during pregnancy and the post-natal period.

I have read about fish oil being contaminated in the sea.
Vital DHA is produced from tuna and fish oils sourced from the clean waters of the Central South Pacific using only dolphin friendly techniques to harvest the fish. The product is made from highly refined oils (using a process which removes any possible pollutants) and is biochemically screened for extra safety too, so there is no risk of contamination. Given the concerns that have been raised about excess levels of mercury in fresh tuna and the risks this could pose for women who are trying to get pregnant or who are pregnant, there is all the more reason to consider using a good DHA supplement to cover your nutritional needs during this critical period.

What makes Vital DHA different from other fish oil products on the market?
Tuna oil is the richest natural source of DHA. It also contains other LCP (long chain poly-unsaturates) which have important biological activities in their own right – EPA AND AA. It also contains GLA, another important essential fatty acid. The combination of all of these together gives you and your baby the best possible start.

Are there any other benefits from taking Vital DHA?
DHA is fantastic for promoting lots of bodily functions. It is thought to be good for skin, for memory and for eye sight, as well as for wound healing, Alzheimer’s, and for children with attention deficit disorder and dyslexia. Zita still takes VitalDHA every day, and her youngest child is now twenty!

I am very forgetful in pregnancy. Can DHA help?
Your growing baby cannot manufacture his or her own DHA, so he or she has to rely on your diet and your sources. In all likelihood this will be from your richest source – your brain. So far as we know there is no research to link memory loss directly with depleted levels of DHA, but it certainly seems possible that DHA deficiency may be an underlying cause.

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