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Zotrim 180 tablets

Wanting to lose weight? Try ZOTRIM – the healthy approach to sustained weight loss.
Zotrim – the product with proof:
Zotrim herbal supplement is the first natural slimming aid which published research shows could really help weight loss and achieve lasting results – a scientific study with a group of overweight people showed excellent results, with a healthy rate of weight loss over a six week period and no yo-yo effect.

How ZOTRIM works:
It assumes you are overweight because over a time you have been taking in more calories than you are burning – you have been eating more than your body needs and you must reduce and moderate your food intake.

Studies have indicated that the patented Zotrim formula works to help you feel full faster and remain feeling full for longer. In this way, Zotrim can help reduce overall food intake from meals and snacks. "Zotrim helped me say less please!", says user Helen Jolly. "My daily food intake changed dramatically!".

The Zotrim formulation contains extracts of three South American herbs – Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana. It is presented in a handy pack of 180 tablets (up to one month’s supply).

Take two tablets with a full glass of water or cold drink a few minutes before breakfast, lunch and your evening meal, or before you feel a need to snack (recommended six tablets daily).

Take 2-3 tabs with a full glass of water or other cold drink a few minutes before each meal,or when wanting a snack. Begin with 2 tabs before meals for week one increasing to 3 tabs from week 2 onwards. Maximum 9 tablets per day. Continue with Zotrim until your weight loss target.

Dicalcium phosphate, mate extract (27.5%), guarana extract (23.3%), damiana extract (9%), talc, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, magnesium stearate, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose. (Guarana contains caffeine.)

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