No dieting, no lack of energy, no pain – just a simple and effective way to lose weight.

Feeling good about yourself is the way to a more positive and centred life.In today’s fast paced lifestyle we sometimes ignore our bodies needs and concentrate on what is going on around us only to one day wake up to find we are uncomfortable with our body. Feeling this way then leads to a loss of self esteem and confidence in our appearance resulting in a negative cycle which is hard to break. Now Silver, the slimming tablet allows you to start feeling good about yourself.
Silver products contain on the very best natural ingredients, using Themogenisis and appetite suppressants which can boost your body’s energy levels and increase your metabolic rate.

Nicotine Patches have helped millions of people give up smoking, now people who are struggling to lose weight can have similar support in the form of a patch!
Within a few days of using the patches you should notice a reduction in hunger pangs and experience a general feeling of satisfaction from smaller food portions.
Silver Slimming Patches are totally natural and contain no additives. The active ingredient is Fucus Vesiculosus an ocean plant extract found off the Brittany coast which can help support the metabolic rate and break down fatty reserves.

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