While there are some strengthening exercises for kids that are not appropriate unless they are 15 years and older, there are strength training exercises which every kid under the age of 15 can engage in on a daily basis.

According to fitness experts, as long as the strength training exercises are supervised by someone who is fully trained in teaching children how to properly exercise, the benefits are enormous.

Some of the exercises which can be alternated on a daily basis are: sit-ups, leg lifts, lunges, knee bends, and heel raises.

When engaging in any form of exercise, the first thing a child should do is to stretch. The warm-up process is just as important as the exercise itself. It allows the body to easily adapt to exercise and, at the same time, limbers up the muscles for any subsequent activity.

So too, it is important after each exercise to cool down. Again, stretching or walking for five minutes will suffice. More importantly, keep the child hydrated as the exercise commences. It is recommended that two glasses of water before and during exercise is appropriate.

Any physical activity involving a child should be supervised. Most kids have so much pent up energy that they do not realize they are losing vital nutrients when playing at the park or in the back yard.

While strengthening exercises for kids adds immeasurable value to their health, it is not designed for younger children. As they grow older, if they develop an affinity for strengthening exercises, then after the age of 15 they can incorporate weights in their exercise routine.

For now, at least, they are engaging in physical activity every day which speaks volumes to the reduction of weight and a healthier heart. With obesity on the rise, and becoming more of a major concern among pediatricians, it is a good idea to begin strength training exercises for kids utilizing an enjoyable and motivating approach.

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