Warming up before and after exercising is crucial in preventing injury. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or commencing a new exercise routine. Warming up encompasses light exercise such as stretching, walking or light running.

Anyone who sits at a computer desk all day knows the aches and pains which are incurred unless some form of stretching is engaged in during the day. Conversely, if one hasn’t been exercising for some time or has a sedentary lifestyle, walking even 20 minutes results in soreness and pain.

Kids are no different. Younger children run and play without worry, yet later they exhibit aches and pains. Children who are on sports teams are especially vulnerable to injury which is why warm up sessions are a priority before any game or match is played.

In fact the warm up exercise is just as important as the exercise itself. It warms the limbs, allowing the body to be able to engage in all types of activities without stressing the muscles which could cause sprains and other similar injuries.

Watch any baseball game and you will notice players stretching and swinging the bat just before they go to the plate. Even though they worked out prior to the game, they still warm up. For pitchers it is even more important to keep the shoulder and arm warm. You will notice most pitchers also wear a towel or a jacket on the pitching arm and shoulder. Their performance depends upon their ability to keep their pitching arm from tightening up during play.

Ensure your kids take extra time to warm up before any activity. Easy muscle stretches are sufficient before their play begins. Leg stretches and arm stretches are recommended.

For example, before walking or running, place both hands against a wall and while leaning inward, place the right leg back with the foot pressed firmly to the ground and then the same with the left leg. Also you can stand straight and lift each leg behind you one at a time. This is a great warm up exercise for any jogger or runner.

Warming up before any exercise is required to ensure the body is limber enough to avoid any injury during play or sports games. It is also recommended that two glasses of water be taken before exercising and during the activity. The cool down process is the same after exercising. Light stretching or running is recommended.