You’ve just found out you’re pregnant and you are probably thinking, “Wow! Now I can eat whatever I want.” While you may be eating for two there are guidelines which should be followed to ensure your child is born healthy and at an appropriate weight.

For some moms the way they eat does affect their child before birth. So here are some recommendations from pediatricians in particular and the medical community in general.

* If you smoke, quit. Smoking can decrease a baby’s birth weight.
* Do not consume alcohol. Alchohol consumption can increase the chance of birth defects.
* Limit caffeine intake. Studies show it may cause miscarriages.
* Drink plenty of juice. This will lower your blood pressure.
* A high fiber diet can reduce the chance of preeclampsia.
* Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables.
* Ensure you are taking all of the essential vitamins and minerals daily.
* Increase your calcium intake with either low-fat yogurt or low-fat milk.
* Exercise is essential in the health of your unborn child. Walk 20 minutes a day.
* Keep track of your sodium intake.

While these are just a few recommendations supported by medical doctors, it is also important to have a balance within. Yoga would be a perfect way to calm and soothe if you are feeling stressed or upset.

In addition, when you begin to feel those pangs for sweets or foods you would not normally eat, have some veggies prepared with a dip of your choice. The dip could consist of your favorite yogurt then add a few herbs and you are set to go.

Today there are so many facts and information sites available online for moms-to-be, which can assist them in understanding the pitfalls of an improper diet during pregnancy. So too, there are wonderful online sites which explain what to eat during pregnancy and what affect certain foods and drinks would have on your unborn child. It’s worth the time to research and become knowledgeable in all phases of your pregnancy from the get-go.