Inevitably when you are choosing vitamins or supplements you want to ensure you are purchasing the best product available. Choosing the right form of cod liver oil is no exception.

Here are some tips and suggestions to assist you.

1. Cod liver oil, in its purest form, contains Vitamins A, D, and E, which are found in the cod’s liver. While most manufacturers process all of these vitamins to form the oil, there are others who use synthetic vitamins and pass it off as the real thing. Check to ensure the product you are purchasing is the real thing.

2. Some cod liver oil products do not meet the guidelines associated with eliminating toxins and other contaminants from the oils. Ensure that the brand of cod liver oil you choose is free of these contaminants.

3. In some cases if cod liver oil is not processed correctly, oxidation can occur. This is due to the fact that the oil contains unsaturated fats. So if you purchase a bottle of cod liver oil that smells bad or has a bad taste, throw it out.

4. As mentioned above, cod liver oil normally contains Vitamins A, D, and a small amount of E, which is naturally generated from the cod’s liver. However, there are some manufacturers who add a synthetic form of Vitamin E. Make sure the cod liver oil you purchase contains natural Vitamin E as part of its overall ingredients.

5. Choose a product that originates from countries such as Norway. The reason for this is that the cod is caught in seasons when the content of the liver oil is at its peak. Moreover, the process by which the liver oil is extracted is done without the use of chemicals.

6. There are over thirty protocols that are supposed to be incorporated to determine the efficacy of the cod liver oil. These protocols include ascertaining the freshness of the product, the potency, and the levels of contaminants therein.

7. Cod liver oil is available in soft gel capsules for easy consumption.

Finally, in researching cod liver oil, the general consensus is that one company has been given the highest ratings thus far: Carlson Laboratories has been touted as the best manufacturer of cod liver oil. The product is called Norwegian Cod Liver Oil with Lemon and has been regularly tested using the international protocols for potency and purity. In fact, consumers have remarked that the lemon taste disguises the oil, making it more palatable for adults and children alike.

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