Ah, the fall season! No more blistering heat to contend with, air conditioning and sleepless nights. Instead there is the changing of the leaves, the fuzzy warm feeling we get on a cold night and waking up to brisk fresh air and exercise. Yes, now is the time to prepare a fall fitness plan.

If just beginning a diet and exercise program, you are in luck because the time is ripe and the weather is perfect to begin enjoying the outdoors more frequently. Use this time to set up a regimen that you will stick to and are comfortable with.

Since the kids have returned to school, many have a bit more time to concentrate on themselves and what they need. Therefore, here are some tips to help prepare for an exercise plan that will keep you fit, healthy and happy.

If you have not joined a gym, you may want to consider it now. If you do belong to one, renew the membership. Ask a friend if he or she would like to join also.

Schedule a routine after dropping the kids off at school. Walking with other moms for 30 minutes, three times a week would be a great start. Smaller children at home can go along in a stroller that is conducive to a brisk walk. Having other moms come along makes the exercise experience more enjoyable.

Not able to get out as often as a brisk walking regime may require, then take out the workout DVDs. Participate in the exercises every other day. Take walks after dinner at night.

Call upon a few neighbors or friends and ask if they would like to join in an exercise program. Sit down together and make a schedule that is good for everyone.

More importantly, make out a schedule that can be lived with and that will allow the time needed to exercise on a continual basis. Enlist the aid of family members or friends to help with baby-sitting if necessary.

The fall is the perfect time of year to commence an exercise program. Be sure to have good walking and/or running shoes and comfortable jogging suits.

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