Inevitably all will be making the rounds this holiday season to visit friends and relatives. Undoubtedly everyone we visit will have the traditional spread of delicious foods that will tempt us into overindulging on the many treats available.

Anyone can still enjoy holiday parties and refrain from consuming too many high-fat foods and drinks. Here are some tips to help in this endeavor.

Before going out to any holiday party, have a small snack and plenty of water. The old saying: Never food shop when you’re hungry? Well, the same applies to holiday parties. While you may have been dieting over the summer months in preparation for the upcoming holidays, still maintain whatever diet plan you are on by simply heading straight for the veggie platter. Avoid heavy desserts and substitute water for cola and beer.

If attending a sit-down holiday fare, odds are there will be a tempting spread of fine foods and desserts. Utilize the same portion control used in the diet plan. Although you may feel you deserve a treat of a creamy dessert, choose one that is the lesser of two evils. More often than not, hosts will have plenty of food to enjoy that will not play havoc with a waistline.

Stick will salads and low fat dressing, put aside the stuffing and utilize a small plate. While it will be difficult, you can enjoy holiday parties as well as anyone else. After all, you have been dieting for quite some time and probably know how many calories each menu contains.

Today, more holiday preparation is geared towards low fat meals. Moreover, the preparation of these meals offers a wide variety of healthy alternatives than the more traditional heavier meals used to.

While we all have been guilty of overindulging now and again, the holidays are a time for family and friends to get together and enjoy each other. Although many foods will be served relative to one’s culture, utilizing portion control will help to not only enjoy the feast but also alleviate the pangs of guilty feelings afterwards.

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