It seems the minute you mention the word “exercise” to kids, they quickly come up with excuses indicating they have something more important to do. However, if you ask kids if they’d like to play a game, go swimming or bowling, they are the first to have their coats on.

Getting kids to exercise takes a certain amount of creativity. While in some homes, the entire family may be involved in a daily exercise routine, other families may not exercise at all, or only do so a few days a week. Teaching children about health and the importance of a good diet and exercise program starts when they are very young. It then becomes a natural extension of their home life instead of a drudgery or chore they run away from.

If you kids are of school age, undoubtedly there are after school programs that engage in such sports as tennis, basketball or baseball. These after school programs not only help your child develop social skills, but become very active which then spills over into their home life as well. If your kids are into baseball, perhaps they can join their local little league. Exercise has to be fun for kids and sports clubs are not only fun but educational as well.

From an early age kids mimic parents. If you exercise at home utilizing DVDs, your little ones may want to join you if they sense you are having a good time. So too, the more exposed they are to family exercise routines the more likely they will want to participate without encouragement.

Whether you belong to a bowling league or a swimming club, or simply walk or jog with friends, this is a great time to take your kids along and get them interested in these activities. Make a game or contest out of whatever activity you engage in. Kids love to compete, especially if their parents are involved.

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