Before any race or any sports activity at all notice how all the athletes go through the process of warming up. Not only is it essential but also it can prevent serious injury.

Here are some suggestions on how to warm up in the winter and why it is important.

Essentially, experts recommend a warm up first before going outside. The cold will stiffen the muscles furthering the chances of injury.
Do not wear tight outfits but dress in layers. In this way, you can remove each layer as needed. Wear cotton as the underlying layer since it will absorb most of the moisture as you sweat.

Begin by walking up and down stairs in your home or jogging in place. This will get the blood flowing and ready for the exercise routine. Try not to sweat before beginning an exercise routine. There is a chance of catching a cold when going outdoors.

Another suggestion by experts is to take a really hot shower. This will not only warm you but will prepare the body for the workout to come.

If exercising during the winter, you may not wish to go outdoors and exercise – especially in the morning when staying under the bedcovers seems the best thing to do. While understandable, try engaging in some sort of activity that will get you moving. Some experts recommend a yoga session to prepare for the upcoming workout.

It is equally important to cool down after an exercise program. Utilize stretching and breathing exercises to bring down heart rate. If it is especially cold outside remove all clothing immediately and take a hot shower. Have a nice bowl of chicken soup and continue on with your daily routines.