Now, and in the next few years, there will be an explosion of baby boomers preparing to retire. Whether they decide to move to a different state or look forward to enjoying their retirement engaging in various activities, one thing is for sure: baby boomers are turning to natural remedies more than ever.

Why? Let’s take a look at three generations in one Italian family and the times they lived in then and now, and what they will look forward to in the future.

First generation: The mom and dad would raise their flock of children on a Mediterranean diet. There were no snacks to be had, no desserts, pizza or burgers – no fast food at all. Every meal consisted of pasta with beans, beans with escarole, soups, rice, French toast using Italian bread and eggs, and no cold cuts. Occasionally, a piece of stuffed veal would be on the table, but other than that no other meats were served. Natural remedies were used in case of illness. Remedies such as mustard plaster, tea with a shot of whiskey, and Vicks were used during this time. More than likely, these parents lived well into their 80s.

Second generation: Although this generation would rear their children in much the same way, the moms and dads both worked to provide a better life for their children. There was more of a variety in the meals prepared. Meats were added to the menu; desserts and snacks were readily available, and pizza was a favorite among most. Health care was provided by family doctors, and homemade remedies began to dissipate. Life was good, and the longevity rate remained constant.

Third generation: Baby boomers graduated from colleges, worked at high-paying jobs, some became entrepreneurs, purchased homes, and raised their children in a world that offered many opportunities. Dinners prepared at home not only reflected the ethnic background of the family, but restaurants were frequented more often. Fast foods chains became a quick and affordable alternative, desserts became a regular staple, and outings on weekends became a family ritual. Affordable health care for the entire family was available.

Baby boomers had the responsibility of caring for their elderly parents and soon realized they did not want to pass on the same type of burden to their children. With retirement soon approaching, baby boomers opted for an alternative lifestyle – one that would not only allow them to live longer but also enable them to enjoy their retirement engaging in the things they love. They made a conscious choice to utilize many of the home remedies their grandparents used instead of relying on drugs and other medications.

An 82-year old woman commented: “I am eating the same foods today that my mother prepared. I use natural remedies for any ailments, and I take walks daily. All of my brothers and sisters lived and are living well into their 80s and 90s. I treasure that time and see no reason to change.”

A 58-year old baby boomer remarked, “I think its all in the genes. My mother is one of nine children and she and her sisters are all healthy and enjoying life in their 80s. Unfortunately, my generation had it too easy. There was too much of everything out there, and while I want to live a longer life, the many excesses which I have enjoyed have caught up with me. It’s time to change.”

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