Why cosmetic surgery is popular among women is a question where the answer could take a while to explain. The short answer would be that some women are unhappy with lines and wrinkles on their face, or perhaps the fat around their tummy is bothersome, or just because it’s available and has become the “in” thing to do.

For most women who have cosmetic surgery, the old adage that says we should “age gracefully” doesn’t seem to apply any longer. With new technological advances in cosmetic surgery, a woman can look younger than ever.

Between the botox injections, breast lifts, facelifts, and a wide range of services offered to women, the question would be, “why not have cosmetic surgery if it makes you feel better about yourself and who you are.”

Perhaps those of us who grew up with a strong self-esteem and self-worth look forward to “aging gracefully”, without any procedures that would enhance or make us feel better about ourselves. But is that even true? Given the opportunity, would you have cosmetic surgery? If you answered no, then you are probably very happy within your own skin.

You know, there is a woman out there known as the “lion woman”. She has had so many surgeries to her face that she is no longer the image of her former self. While there are critics who say she looks grotesque, others say it’s her choice. And that’s the bottom line. Women now have a choice they didn’t have before.

Opponents would argue that having cosmetic surgery comes with conditions – that once you have surgery, eventually you will need to have additional surgery as the face begins to sag yet again or wrinkles begin to reappear. One would have to agree with this assessment. The only exception is nose surgery. The only time a second surgery is needed is if the first didn’t turn out as expected.

Yet, take the case of a famous singer. He has had so many multiple Rhinoplasty procedures that his nose has just about disappeared.

The answer to the question as to why cosmetic surgery is popular among women can be literally answered in three words: Because it’s available. We could argue its merits, but the fact is that women today want to look more beautiful than they already do. Perhaps we can thank ads on TV, reality shows, and models for insisting that we should all look a certain way.

Cosmetic surgery, with all one has to go through in the process, is a subjective choice. Whether you view it on the pro or con side, it is nonetheless a choice we didn’t have before.