Do you often have to nag and push to get your man to go to the doctor? You’re not alone. Women are four times more likely to go to the doctor than men. So it’s no wonder he sits in pain for something you’d have no issues making an appointment for. But why is it that men seem to avoid doctor’s visits for even serious issues?

One of the biggest reasons men don’t regularly visit the doctor is because they’re just not used to it. Women are used to going to the doctor regularly for yearly reproductive exams and pregnancy-related visits. This makes doctor’s visits more of a habit than they are for men. Men just don’t think to go to the doctor like women do.

Another reason women just think to go to the doctor more than men would is that they’re generally in charge of health care for the kids. Kids regularly have to visit the doctor for shots, checkups, and illness, and usually mom is the one who takes them. She’s used to watching for signs of illness in her children, and this easily translates over to herself. Men aren’t usually conditioned to pay attention or treat signs of illness.

Probably one of the biggest reasons men don’t go to the doctor as much as women is that it’s in their genes. Many animals don’t like to show it when they’re sick, because often that would make them a target of attacks. While there aren’t any real predators after your man, he’s still genetically programmed to hide illness. Women are programmed to be caregivers, to others and themselves.

It may be struggle to get your man to go to the doctor, but it is definitely worth the effort. These are just a few of the life-threatening, but treatable conditions men often ignore:

* Cancer. It is pretty well known that early detection is the best defense against cancer. In many cases, stage 1 cancers are much more likely to go into remission. Having regular physicals including prostate exams are the best way to detect the early stages. If you rely only on symptoms, you’re more likely to miss the disease until it’s much harder to treat.

* Heart Disease. Most people should take better care of themselves regardless of whether or not they are at risk for heart problems. If your doctor knows there’s a problem, they can treat it and recommend lifestyle changes to significantly reduce your risk.

* Other problems. Even if they have symptoms, men tend to ignore symptoms unless they really affect their lives. The problem is that if your spouse has a problem, it may affect you just as much as them. Problems like sleep apnea are not only dangerous to his health, they can also disrupt your life.

While it may take some poking and prodding, regular check-ups are the best way to keep men healthy and get them used to going to the doctor in case there’s a real problem.