Emu Oil Soap

Tom has suffered with eczema since birth. It is quite mild but can cause him a great deal of discomfort at certain times such as when he has a cold or when he is ill. We have never been able to use soap on his skin and as his most affected area is his face it has always been difficult to treat. Prescribed medication can be too harsh for areas such as the face as it thins the skin.

When I tried the Emu Oil natural baby soap I didn’t know what to expect as previous recommendations have had little or no effect on Tom’s skin. It was almost an overnight improvement especially around his mouth and eyes. I have continued to use it ever since and I can honestly say I have never seen his skin so clear.

Even when the eczema does appear it seems to clear up much quicker than before. I have stopped using all prescribed medication and Tom is noticeably much happier in himself as his face is much clearer and he is sleeping without interruption from itching and scratching.

I would happily recommend Emu Oil soap to anyone suffering from eczema and I am very grateful to you for introducing it to us!

Mrs T.K , Manchester

Thanks you for sending me a bottle of the emu oil to try for you.I’d just like to say I was very impressed with this product.I was a little sceptical as to the range of its properties before using it, but I can say I have found it’s marvellous at reducing red and inflamed skin – it left my skin feeling very soothed and quickly took the inflammation away.However, its best result was demonstrated on my husband’s hands. He happened to suffer an outbreak of pompholyx excema just after I received to bottle, so I gave a little to try. He used it for three days and it actually kept the attack at bay – normally even when he uses steroid creams it still carries on its course and he gets a lot of pain, but these were excellent results, and his hands were fine.Thank you for introducing me to this – I’ll be ordering some soap to use in conjunction with the oil.Mrs J.C Gateshead

I had a very nasty sore on my face and had used every type of antiseptic and antibiotic cream, nothing made any difference, then I started using Pure Emu Oil, I noticed an immediate improvement, five days later the sore had almost dried up, it is all thanks to this wonderful and effective Emu Oil. I also had some very itchy veins on my legs, nothing helped but Emu oil gave me the relief I so needed. Thank you so much.

Mrs J.M, Ipswich

Thanks for sending out a bottle of the emu oil for me to try, which i have used twice a day since receiving it, i have seen a marked improvement in the condition of my psoriasis, my skin is not as red and not scaly and not at all itchy anymore, i will definitely purchase this emu oil in the future.

Mrs T.C,Northwich

The little bottle with healing touch The oil was easy to use and rub in very quick i have a real bad patch on my left foot at the top and side both with the oil have become less in flamed. I even put some in my ear as i get dry eczema in them again it help to ease the itch i also used it on my dry patches and can see that it is more moist and less dry. Mrs P.C, Great Yarmouth

Testimonial Natural Soap

Thank you for sending these products to try. I can not praise them enough.
I have had no reaction on my face where my skin is very sensitive. It is a
pleasure to use them and to suffer no ill effects.

Mrs D.E, Shrewsbury

Lavender Soap

I got on really well with the lavendar soap. I did not suffer any ill effects. In fact I found the use of the soap beneficial. Because of the medication I am on if I scratch myself on something like a rose prickle it usually goes red & sore & takes 10 days or so to heal, but using the soap the scratch was healed in 5 days & no redness at all. Also the eczema on my feet cleared up & did not return. I did not feel that using the soap causing my skin to dry. Some soap I find really dries my skin. The bar of soap lasted for a whole month so have only just finished using it.

Mrs A.A Dorset

I am getting on well with the emu oil-it seems to be softening up areas of dry skin on my leg and knee nicely. The oil soaks into the skin quickly and the aroma is pleasant. Great product!

Mrs C.B Birmingham

Thank you for my bar of Lavender and Emu Oil soap. The smell is lovely and it really moisturises my hands. I have used half of it (I cut in two when it arrived), used the first half then have used ordinary soap for the past week or so. I have noticed dry patches have started to appear, so I am getting the other half of the bar out to use. Just proves that the ordinary soap isn’t good for hands prone to dermatitis etc!

Ms L .B Bristol

Calendula Soap

The result have been good. Go back to the 7th September my right palm was a mess. I did take photos of the bad spots. Look back now and I cannot think it’s the same hand. Could be down to things one is the emu oil I was using on my knee and then this soap. Still get odd hot spots but does not last long.
All I can say there is something in emu oil. I am due at the hospital at the end of November and I am glad I have taken photos before, as now they perfect.

Mrs R.S. Liverpool

Emu Oil

The oil was easy to use and rub in very quick I have a real bad patch on my left foot at the top and side both with the oil have become less in flamed. I even put some in my ear as I get dry eczema in them again it help to ease the itch

Mrs J.T ,London

Re: Endurance Massage Oil

I have been approached by Y-Not Natural Skin Care Products to review the value of the Endurance Massage Oil with my patients that present with problems of arthritis and injury.The Sports Massage Oil has the natural bush products from Australia of emu oil and eucalyptus oil. It is further blended with essential oils and natural products.

It is a light penetrating oil which soothes muscle soreness and improves joint mobility.The massage oil is suitable for use by athletes after a period of intense activity and for arthritic patients who have muscle soreness about their joints.

I have found the Endurance Massage Oil useful in my patient’s care.

Yours sincerely



Orthopaedic Surgeon

Testimonial Moraz Shampoo

By Far the most effective treatment used to date. Please send 2 more bottles of shampoo.

Mrs H.R Berkshire

I found the shampoo worked and I am very grateful. Lice is now under control.Should we use it every week ?

Mrs D.L, London

It has been 4 weeks since my son and daughter caught headlice. Since using Moraz,they have not returned. I have been using Moraz on their head twice a week and thoroughly checking with a comb. I feel the problem is under control even more so without the use of chemicals.
Excellent.It gets rid of headlice.We all used it. I prefer it to my normal shampoo.

Mrs C.C,Chorley

I have suffered from dry skin and ezcema for years and have found the Emu Oil soap gentle yet cleansing on my skin (especially my dry, cracked lower legs) – I had no flare-ups using this product and indeed found it helped keep my skin’s moisture level well balanced.The Emu Oil soap is fantastic- great on my delicate dry skin and no irritation whatsoever- it’s even better than Eucerin products- I love it.

Mrs K.C Kent