Herrens Mark Red Clover Extract can reduce hot flushes and decrease the risk of  osteoporosis

That sounds too good to be true!

Nonetheless, that’s what associate professor, Per Bendix Jeppesen (PhD), and Max Lambert
(MSc/Industrial PhD) from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark have documented in two large
patient studies.
It was the red clover’s high concentration of phytoestrogens that got the researcher’s attention.
Phytoestrogens (also called isoflavones) are similar to oestrogen in structure (see attached file)
and can therefore help replace the natural fall in oestrogen production during and after
menopause, without the side effects associated with conventional treatment.
Therefore, they began what would become a series of studies about Herrens Mark Red Clover

The first study:

The effect of lactic acid fermented red clover extract on symptoms associated with
60 women with severe menopause symptoms participated in the three-month-long study. 31
women received red clover extract while 29 received a placebo extract. The women’s sweat
excretions were measured over a 24-hour period with a small instrument the size of wristwatch.
Moreover, DXA scans of the back and hipbone were also carried out every 12 weeks.
Measuring the sweat excretions continually for a 24-hour period allowed the researchers to
pinpoint the amount of excretions as well as the fluctuations in hot flushes. The women receiving
Herrens Mark Red Clover Extract experienced a 20-80% reduction in sweat excretions. More
specifically, the women saw an average of c 40% reduction in sweat excretions and c 23%
reduction in hot flushes.
Lene Møller (nurse and massage therapist) participated in the study.
“The results appeared quickly. Actually, it didn’t take more than three to four weeks before I could
feel a difference. I was sleeping better, had less hot flushes and more energy. I became myself
again. It’s extremely uncomfortable to all of a sudden go from a normal body temperature to
feeling like you’re 150 degrees with sweat dripping down your face. My hot flushes often came at
the most inconvenient times, for example when I was with patients.
Fermented herb extracts for your daily well beeing – since 1959

And that’s not all! The DXA scans from the group receiving Red Clover Extract showed that the
women preserved the bone density in their spine, while the placebo group experienced a natural
decline in bone density.

These findings led to the second study:

The effect of red clover extract on bone density
The study has concluded but has not yet been made public. Therefore, the exact numbers cannot
be released. However, co-author of the study, Per Bendix Jeppesen says:
“Two different groups of women participated, both with osteopenia, a precursor to osteoporosis.
The group receiving the placebo treatment experienced an average 3 percent loss in bone density
during the year we tested them. In the group receiving the red clover extract we were able to
significantly halt the decalcification process in the back and hips, so that they experienced almost
no loss in bone density.”
Osteopenia, which all 85 participants suffered from, is an illness characterised by such a significant
loss in bone strength that even a small amount of impact or strain could lead to fractures.
Already at 35 to 40 years of age, bones slowly begin to lose their strength. Especially women
undergoing menopause lose a significant amount of bone tissue as oestrogen levels decline in that
period of life. However, women can prevent this from happening by taking red clover extract or
hormones. The associate professor recommends red clover extract:
“Women lose a lot of bone mass as soon as menopause begins – between four to six percent per
year. Later in life, that number is “only” one to two percent. So the more they have left later in
life, the better,” he says.
“With conventional oestrogen treatment, there is a larger risk of developing breast cancer among
other things, but there are no side effects associated with taking red clover extract,” says Per
Bendix Jeppesen, who recommends taking the extract at the onset of menopause.
Phytoestrogens bind themselves to different receptors than normal oestrogen and according to
Per Bendix Jeppsen, that is what makes the red clover so interesting when it comes to the
prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. It means that women can benefit from the positive
effects of phytoestrogens while avoiding the negative side effects often associated with
conventional treatment.

Fermented herb extracts for your daily well beeing – since 1959

Ingelise Kirkelund Olesen (participant in the osteoporosis study)
Ingelise participated in the patient study and continued to take Herrens Mark Red Clover Extract
after its conclusion. Below is her DXA scanning at the end of study, after taking 100 ml of extract
per day for a year.

Back Hips
Start -2.54 -1.78
One year later -2.44 -1.60
Thus, she managed to rebuild bone mass. A fantastic result!
This is not something we can use scientifically but it certainly points to the fact that it would have
been very beneficial to have funding for a two-year study.
How phytoestrogens affect the body
There are two kinds of receptors in the female body that phytoestrogens and oestrogen can bind
themselves to: Alpha and Beta-receptors. Oestrogen forms strong bonds with alpha-receptors and
weak bonds with beta-receptors, whereas the reverse is true for phytoestrogens. Alpha-receptors
are located in the breasts and ovaries while beta-receptors are found in the lungs, kidneys,
intestines and around the bones. That is why the phytoestrogens don’t over stimulate the
sensitive breast and ovarian tissue.
Red clover and soy
Phytoestrogens are primarily known from red clover and soy plants. Overall, there are four
different types of phytoestrogens in these two plants: Formononetin, Biochanin A, Daidzein and
However, when it comes to the distribution of phytoestrogens, the two plants are mirror images
of each other. Soy contains virtually only Daidzein and Genistein, while red clover contains around
60% Formononetin and 30% Biochanin A.
Formononetin and osteoporosis
Studies on rats have documented that Formononetin, which red clover contains 60% of, has a
positive effect on osteoporosis*.
Red clover and osteoporosis
A large meta-analysis made up of 1500 articles about the effect of red clover on osteoporosis
conducted by Linmeng Hu at Aarhus University Hospital showed that red clover has an effect on
Fermented herb extracts for your daily well beeing – since 1959

osteoporosis. At the same time, the analysis found that only the studies using phytoestrogens in
the lactic acid fermented aglycone form led to bone preservation.
Daily dose for those with menopause symptoms:
120 ml twice a day for 2-3 weeks (or until you feel an effect), thereafter the dose should be
reduced to 60 ml/day.
Daily dose for bone preservation:
100 ml twice a day. Calcium, vitamin D and magnesium, which are recommended for the
treatment of osteoporosis, should also be taken with the extract.

Red clover is known for:
– Relieving menopause symptoms
– Preserving bone mass
– Working as a blood purifier
– Beneficial effects on digestion
– Detoxifying qualities
– Working as an expectorant
– Working as a diuretic
– Increasing bile secretions
– Being rich in iron and vitamin K
– Helping avoid dry mucous membranes
Lactic acid bacteria and Equol

An additional positive side effect from the many lactic acid bacteria in the extract
If you have good intestinal flora, the bacteria can turn some of the isoflavones in the red clover
into Equol – an isoflavone that has a much stronger effect than other isoflavones.
Normally, only one third of women have good enough intestinal flora to do this. In the second
patient study, none of the participants had good enough intestinal flora to form equol. However,
when the women were tested after taking Red Clover Extract for just half a year, more than 50%
were able to produce it. And why is this important? It means that they have gained a strong
digestive system that is not only able to form highly effective equol but also absorb nutrients
Research shows that a strong, healthy intestinal flora can create a 20% increase in the
bioavailability of vitamins and minerals, and it is also the micro flora that helps the production of
more B-vitamins, including vitamin B12. In addition, many of the women that participated in the
study said unsolicited that they felt their digestion had improved significantly while taking the Red
Clover Extract for osteoporosis.
For example, they no longer got diarrhoea when travelling.

An extra little story

Caroline has bad teeth and a weak jaw. After an unsuccessful surgery with implants, she had a
bone transplant from her hip to her jaw. This became infected however, and the bone mass
disappeared. She then began taking Red Clover Extract and once again received a bone transplant.
After a year, the doctors opened her jaw again and noted that the transplanted bone mass had
turned into jelly. However, under the jelly the doctors saw that her own jaw bone had grown
11mm and was now ready for implants that are still there today!
Below are some unsolicited posts from our Facebook page.
Hanne Dalskov Svendsen – 5 stars

My hot flushes started about one and a half months ago and I began taking Red Clover Extra on
June 30th. After just a week the hot flushes were significantly reduced and I halved my daily dose.
Today my hot flushes are nearly gone and the few I get during the day have decreased markedly in
both strength and duration (under one minute). It is a fantastic product! The taste is a bit
interesting, yes, and I started by mixing it with pineapple juice. But that was too complicated. Now
I take the extract as it is and drink the same amount of pineapple juice right after. I highly
recommend Red Clover Extract to others that suffer from hot flushes.
Eva Lyng-Nielsen

I have now used Red Clover for about half a year and I don’t want to live without it. Someone
suggested that I stop taking it, as I couldn’t know whether or not my menopause was over. After
three days, I started taking it again – it certainly wasn’t over. In my case the Red Clover Extract
made almost 100% of my hot flushes disappear and it’s nothing less than fantastic.
Jannie Møller – 5 stars

Close to a miracle. After exactly three weeks at 120 ml/day (60 ml in the morning and 60 ml in the
evening) I was able to sleep comfortably for an entire night with hot flushes and it’s still like that
today. The hot flushes I formerly experienced during day have practically disappeared. The change
happened from one do to another – almost like a miracle. I’m now continuing to take the extract
in smaller doses. A little tip: I pour some of the extract into a bottle, so it’s easier to shake and
pour from.

Sanna Rasmussen – 5 stars
I have been taking the product for about 14 days and my hot flushes have decreased….but what
I’m really happy about is that my stomach has become normal again after a long period of taking
pain killers. The taste isn’t great so I recommend you take it with pineapple juice. I have no doubt
that I’ll go and buy another carton – it has really helped me. Thank you so much, Herrens Mark.

Vibeke Nyborg – 5 stars
I have taken two cartons (two litres) of Red Clover Extract and it’s fantastic. My hot flushes are
completely gone and I am finally able to sleep through the night again. My mood swings have also
disappeared – probably because I’m able to sleep again. Before I woke up 3-4 times per night with
hot flushes. I have gotten my life back – wonderful!
Dorte Hegnsborg Bruun – 5 stars
It’s the best money I have ever spent. Red Clover Extract has given me back the life I had before.
So thank you for the great product.