Powerful complex of curcuminoids & Ar-turmerone, an essential oil of turmeric  HIGH-ABSORPTION CURCUMIN
A step forward. Traditional knowledge of yesterday linked to innovations of today.  Curmaxell
Springfield Curcumin has many benefits. It is known for its use in food, but also as a colorant.
Curmaxell contains a natural source of curcumin and turmeric essential oils.
To make it more effective, it doesn’t contain anything untested or that could be seen as
potentially harmful.
Curmaxell contains the most successful curcumin extract to date. It combines micronized curcumin with turmeric essential
Curmaxell has up to eight times the absorption when delivered in softgels and a
greater blood retention time than standard  95% curcumin extracts.
Research shows that the bioactive curcumin
with the essential oil from turmeric (Arturmeron)
has the following benefits:
• 8 x better absorption;
• more active;
• less capsules needed.
One Curmaxell soft gel contains:
• 250mg bioactive curcumine
• 250mg linseed oil
Size : 60 softgels / 180 softgels

Curcumin is gaining interest and more suppliers
offer better absorbed supplements.
We do as well, but what makes Curmaxell
There are more human clinical studies
done with the curcumin that we incorporate
in Curmaxell.
We go further than only proving a better
absorption; we have also proven the effect
on various conditions.