One of the two main components in keeping your child healthy is exercise. Many kids today are so immersed in TV and video games; it’s no wonder exercise is not a part of their daily routine. Since obesity has become a pandemic in our society, especially among children, it is important to establish an exercise program early on so that kids will not view exercise as something they dislike, but rather something they enjoy.

Here are 10 kid friendly exercise ideas to help you incorporate physical activity into your child’s daily routine.

* Bike riding – Whether with family or friends, this is one activity most kids love to engage in either at your local park or around the neighborhood.

* Sports – Does your child belong to a sports team? Whether it is baseball, football, soccer or football, ensure they have signed up for after school sports activities.

* Walking the dog – Exercise can be as simple as walking the family dog or a neighbor’s pet after school or after dinner.

* Chores – Whether it’s helping with chores inside the home, or cleaning up the back yard, this is a great way to engage kids in exercise.

* Family walks – A 30-45 minute walk after dinner with the entire family is not only wonderful exercise for the kids, but the entire family as well.

* Shoot some hoops – The entire family can play a game of basketball after dinner each night. Spending an hour exercising after dinner is also great for the digestive system.

* Indoor exercise – Do you have a home gym or an area set aside for exercise? Utilize an exercise DVD that you and your kids can participate in at a certain time during the day.

* A daily walk with your kids is another activity encompassing fresh air and exercise. Whether it’s a trip to the local supermarket, pharmacy, or walking around the neighborhood, this routine is perhaps the best way to keep your kids active.

* Jogging – At a specific time each day, take your kids to the park and use the local track to begin a jogging routine. Utilize musical accompaniment with an MP3 player or iPod to keep up the pace.

* Handball – This is a great activity for kids. You can utilize the park area and play a few games. This is wonderful for younger kids to learn hand/eye coordination as well.

No matter what the exercise, it is important to teach your kids to engage in some form of daily activity to strength their bodies and keep them active both mentally and physically. This is important especially during the winter months when cold weather tends to keep children indoors more.