We tend to spend a lot of money and time trying to make our skin look good. TV screens and magazine pages are filled with ads for thousands of products that claim to give you glowing, beautiful skin. There are creams, cleansers, and even some crazy machines. But if you really want great skin, start by focusing on the inside. If your body is healthy and well nourished, it will show with beautiful, radiant skin. Here are some tips on what to eat so you’ll look great.

The most important thing for your skin is actually not eating right, it’s drinking right. Getting enough water to drink is an essential part of keeping your skin looking great. If cells aren’t properly lubricated, they can’t easily get rid of waste. That means it all sits there and leaves your skin looking dull and lifeless. Plus, if cells are short on water, they will try to conserve leaving you puffy and bloated. Eventually, skin will dry out, leaving you with an itchy, flaky mess.

For healthy, glowing skin you need to take your vitamins. These are essential nutrients your body needs to work right and look good. The ones that benefit your skin the most are antioxidants including vitamins A, C, and E. They help neutralize free radicals, which are produced by your body and your environment that can damage your skin. While taking supplements may be helpful, the best way to nourish your skin is by eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, try to add more fiber to what you eat for an additional boost.

In addition to eating healthy food, also try to cut out certain bad foods that can harm your skin (and the rest of your body). Processed foods that are high in sugar and artificial ingredients can build up harmful chemicals in your system. These can slow your body down, making it less healthy, which shows in your skin. Substituting healthy home-cooked meals for fast food or pre-packaged meals will not only make your skin look better, it will leave you feeling better and more energized.

If you tend to get rashes, acne, or have eczema, you may have a mild food allergy that you’re unaware of. Keep a journal of everything you eat as well as the health and condition of your skin. You may find your skin problems are associated with a specific food or type of food. Cutting out this food may drastically improve the condition of your skin.

In addition to eating healthy foods, it is also important to remember to nourish your skin from the outside. This means using regular moisturizers and protecting it from the sun, wind, and extreme temperatures.

By taking a few extra steps, you can keep your skin looking and feeling great.

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