Revolutionary natural treatments for eczema and psoriasis

Eczema affects 15-20% of school children and 2-10% of adults and dealing with the psychological and physical impact of having red, chapped, sore and unsightly skin on a daily basis, however, can be overwhelming.

Millions of eczema sufferers spend up to three hours a day treating their inflamed and sore skin. Families also spend many hours awake every night coping with the pain and itching associated with childhood eczema, causing extreme distress and poor performance both at school and work.

NEW to the UK Grahams Skincare, Australia’s best-selling natural skincare range of top-to-toe treatments for eczema and sensitive skin conditions has been borne out of a fathers’ desire to ensure his son did not have to suffer from such debilitating physical and psychological effects of severe eczema.

“After living with eczema all my life and having one of the worst cases of infantile eczema medics had ever seen at the Royal Children’s Hospital at Melbourne, I simply couldn’t bear to watch my son, Ryan, as a young toddler in such pain with intensely itchy skin head to toe and bandages over his red, weeping skin on his ankles and feet,” Geoff Graham, Founder of Grahams Skincare explains.

“I spent years experimenting with plant extracts and revolutionary natural ingredients and finally developed Calendulis Plus cream which is pleasant to apply and has brought amazing results for Ryan and myself,” adds Geoff Graham.

Grahams Skincare now has a complete range of natural products to treat mild sensitive skin to more severe eczema and psoriasis flare-ups all over the body and contains innovative natural ingredients and plant lipids, including emu oil, manuka honey and colloidal oatmeal, to deeply penetrate layers of the skin to intensely nourish and help repair the skin’s protective barrier.

The latest UK NICE guidelines about eczema treatment recommend using a ‘complete’ emollient therapy regime. “Complete emollient therapy includes using body washes and bath oils as well as soothing ointments and moisturising creams to help restore the defective skin barrier in eczema and dry skin conditions, keeping the skin rehydrated, supple and healthy and preventing allergens from penetrating any damaged skin,” explains Geoff Graham, skincare expert and Founder of Grahams Skincare.


Grahams Skincare’s range of the following products provides a total emollient therapy regime to rehydrate and nourish sensitive and eczema-prone skin top-to-toe leaving it super soft, smooth and itch free:

Grahams Calendulis Plus Cream (50g/120g RRP £16.95/£29.99) – contains calendula extract, manuka honey and emu oil which have superior anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and hydrating benefits to nourish and sooth red and inflamed skin and also promote quick healing.
Grahams Eczema Cream (75g, RRP £21.99) – suitable for children and babies as young as 6 weeks old, containing Colloidal Oatmeal and it’s gentle formula is excellent for eczema, dermatitis, itchy, dry and irritated skin. Colloidal oatmeal provides a hydrating and protective barrier on the skin, replenishing moisture levels and preventing further moisture loss. It also has unique anti-inflammatory and antihistamic properties to reduce the itch and inflammation associated with eczema .
Grahams Natural Bath Oil (120ml/250ml RRP £17.50), Natural Body Wash (250 ml, RRP £16.50) and Natural Soap (100g, RRP £8.50) – containing manuka oil and honey as well as natural oils to cleanse, replenish, nourish and protect the skin without drying it out.
• Grahams Natural Shampoo & Conditioner (250ml, RRP £14.99) – a gentle blend of organic and natural ingredients to relieve and protect a dry and sensitive scalp.
• Grahams Natural Sooth-It Balm (120g, RRP £20.99) – an intensely hydrating and soothing ointment, perfect for cracked and parched skin on the hands and feet.
Grahams Skincare natural products are totally free of parabens and petrochemicals and designed to replenish, restore and protect eczema-prone skin, ensuring a good night’s sleep for all the family.

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