Herbal teas are naturally caffeine and sugar free and a healthy drink for children at every age.
Most parents are aware what kind of food is healthy for their children and what is considered as not so good. We know that fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy diet. Thinking about drinks, the options are not that clear. Certainly water is the perfect choice but like adults, children love a bit of variety. So what kind of healthy alternatives do parents have?

Straight away you might think about fruit juices. But did you know that they are naturally very sweet?

Besides the high amount of sugar, juices contain also fruit acid; the perfect combination for acid erosion and a real threat for children’s tooth.

Are soft drinks the better option then? I personally do not think so. They have no health benefits at all and contain a long list of E numbers, flavourings and artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

Herbal teas are far better option for a number of reasons:

They can be served warm or chilled.
They have additional health benefits.
They are naturally sugar and caffeine free
Herbal teas are incredible good value for money

Which herbal teas can be given to babies and young children?

Some herbs, for example fennel and camomile have been used since generations to cure, heal and prevent illnesses. In mainland Europe it is common place to give herbal tea to newborns. A recent study at the pre-natal clinic in Zurich confirmed that fennel tea helps to relieve colic and wind in pre-mature babies. Of course the amount that can be given to young babies is very small. If you are a breastfeeding mother you can drink the herbal tea yourself as you will pass on the effect through your milk.

Once your baby is starting on solids, herbal teas can be given in bigger amounts. Toddlers and older children can drink up to 3 – 4 cups a day.

If you are looking for herbal tea especially blended for babies and toddlers why not try Neuner’s organic Baby Stomach Ease Tea.

Neuner’s Baby Stomach Ease tea is a traditional blend of organic herbs. An easily digestible tea especially blended for the little ones. All herbs are carefully selected and tried-and-tested. A mild herbal infusion, naturally sugar and caffeine free.

You don’t need to add sugar as this could cause tooth decay, this herbal tea is naturally sweet enough.

Because of the mild taste it the perfect cup of herbal tea for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers as well.

Please note that this herbal infusion is not a substitute for breastmilk or infant formula, nor a remedy or drug. Always consult your doctor, midwife or health visitor for advice about feeding your baby. Neuner's Baby Stomach Ease tea

Ingredients: Aniseed, fennel, caraway, camomile, thyme
Organically grown herbs, 100% natural, no added flavourings, sugar and caffeine free
20 seal-wrapped tea bags (total of 40g)

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