Cleaning the house expends more calories than one might think. However, if you add music to it, you and your kids can have fun and exercise at the same time. In fact, you could stop cleaning for 20 minutes and dance to the music. This is a wonderful cardiovascular exercise the kids will definitely enjoy.

When the winter weather keeps kids indoors, they need to expend all that pent up energy. One great exercise is to play Simon Says, which could incorporate jumping rope. The game will not only entice kids to join in the fun, but making it a contest will really get their juices flowing.

If you have a dance exercise DVD or CD, put it on and teach your kids new moves or, conversely, have them teach you a few steps. You can invite their friends over as well and in this way your kids will be more inclined to join in the activities. Of course, using the word “exercise” can be a turn off for some kids but if you present it to them as a game or contest, their competitive streak will kick in.

If your kids were lucky enough to receive the Nintendo Wii game for Christmas, while it does involve video play, it can be another excellent way to exercise. Some of the games in Wii consist of bowling, tennis and other sports games that any kid would love to play and it allows for quite a workout.

Believe it or not, musical chairs can also engage kids in a great exercise routine. Play the music a bit longer than usual so they can achieve a longer workout.

Another great exercise is to teach your kids how to row a boat. You can set the scene with pictures or drawings of waves and sand, then take the kiddie pool, blow it up and bring it into the den or basement. Have the kids sit it in with their feet pressed firmly to the bottom of the pool. Using a broom or mop handle, have them hold it in the center, and pretend they are rowing a boat. Similar to riding a bike, the hands and arms produce the same circular motion.

There was a home video on TV in which a mom was teaching her one-year-old son how to walk on a treadmill. She held his hands, of course, but the idea that it was fun and new to the child left him thoroughly enjoying it. Children become interested in exercising if it’s fun. So take out the “ex” in exercise, and replace it with jazzercise or danceasize, or any word you can come up with that will be enticing and sounds like loads of fun.