Ritalin, a popular wonder drug used to treat ADD and ADHD, has become controversial once again. Its side effects have caused many parents to stop the use of this drug and turned to alternative remedies. Let’s talk about alternative remedies for ADD/ADHD and how more and more parents are finding this method more viable and safe for their kids.

Studies have shown that a change in the diet of a child with ADD/ADHD may be quite effective. Moreover, an increase of fruit and leafy green vegetables and the decrease of foods containing sugar and carbohydrates appear to be working in controlling this disorder.

Many doctors have articulated the need for vitamins and minerals, which not only provide nutritional value to the child, but also in combination with a proper diet, are worth making the change from medications to natural remedies.

While there are many professionals who offer alternative methods in treating ADD/ADHD, the bottom line is that a child with this disorder needs attention, and ongoing communication that can lead to a more productive and stable life.

Many who have used alternative natural remedies have suggested that herbs are key to treating ADD/ADHD and that this, in combination with specific oils, as well as vitamin B, and chamomile tea can reduce the child’s anxiety as well. Parents also advise to ensure your child receives plenty of rest and drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.

There is one other item that should be mentioned regarding children who do not do well in school. Under the current system, and because there is a lack of funds appropriated to secure qualified school-based support teams, a child can be incorrectly diagnosed with ADD/ADHD by a social worker or school psychologist. In addition, any recommendation by counselors or the aforementioned teams should not include retaining a Ritalin prescription.

Unless and until a child is properly diagnosed, it is up to the parents to decide the course of treatment they wish to take for their child. Whether conventional medicine or natural remedies, ADD/ADHD can be controlled by loving parents who work with their children in an effort to decrease the problems associated with this disorder.