AFP-Peptizyde 90’s


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High-Potency Enzyme Combination for Digestion of Food Protein

High Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (DPP IV) Activity

Safe, Non-Toxic Alternative or Supplement to GFCF Diet

Capsules or Chewable Tablets

AFP-Peptizyde (Advanced Formula Protease) was developed in response to customer requests for a high DPP IV-containing enzyme product that did not include fruit-based enzymes such as papain or bromelain. Like the original Peptizyde (which did contain papain), AFP-Peptizyde is a combination of three different proteolytic enzymes isolated from fungal plant sources. Each enzyme has a unique set of peptide bonds it prefers to break, so the combination of these enzymes allows much more efficient means of quickly and thoroughly breaking down (hydrolyzing) proteins to its smaller components.

The enzymes in AFP-Peptizyde work only on food proteins, not carbohydrates, fats, or other compounds, and do not interfere with medications or other supplements (unless they are also proteins). AFP-Peptizyde may be used in combination with other enzyme products, such as Zyme Prime, No-Fenol or other enzyme products. 

The aminopeptidase enzyme dipeptidyl peptidase IV, or DPP IV, is able to hydrolyze and inactivate the exorphin peptide casomorphin. However, for maximal protein breakdown, DPP IV is not useful alone, and should be combined with other proteases with different and less stringent peptide bond specificity. For this reason, AFP-Peptizyde contains two other fungal proteases with high activity in acid conditions. These enzymes are present in AFP-Peptizyde in high amounts for the purpose of quickly hydrolyzing proteins while the food is still in the stomach.

AFP-Peptizyde also contains only those enzymes needed for protein hydrolysis. No other enzymes have been added. This allows you to customize enzyme supplementation to your specific needs. Another advantage to this approach is that less potential exists for intolerance reactions due to additional and perhaps unnecessary enzyme proteins. Also, by using only three enzyme blends in AFP-Peptizyde, larger amounts of each enzyme can be added per capsule, ensuring that more hydrolysis of food protein can take place in the short time that food is in the stomach.

Benefits from AFP-Peptizyde do vary with each individual and may be affected by other supplements and diet. Other supplements, especially vitamin and minerals, may be decreased in amount or frequency of dosing as more nutrition is derived from diet with enzymes.

AFP-Peptizyde is recommended for high protein diets and athletic training; and dosing may be increased for those meals that are higher in meat protein.


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