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GC70 is designed to cleanse the colon and the intestinal tract. Research shows that a healthy colon is full of billions of bacteria, ‘intestinal flora’, that play an important role in digestion and general physical health. Some of the botanicals used in the GC70 formula have been used for centuries in the East. This includes Psyllium Husks and Aloe Vera


per capsule:
Psyllium Husks 150mg
Vitamin C 100mg
Capsule shell: vegetable cellulose 100mg
Rice flour 81mg
Potassium Citrate 20mg
Magnesium Citrate (3mg elemental) 20mg
Calcium Citrate (4mg elemental) 20mg
Yerbamate 15mg
Cloves 15mg
Cornsilk 15mg
Ginger 15mg
Plantain 15mg
Rhubarb Root 15mgKelp 15mg
Lacto Acidophilus (10 billion) 7.5mg
Bioflavonoids 5mg
Aloe Vera 2mg
(200x concentrate)


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