Organic Sweet Almond Oil 100ml


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The most popular versatile oil used in aromatherapy, making an ideal medium-light skin care or massage oil base, good for all skin types.

100% organically produced: Cold pressed and filtered from the dried seeds of the almond tree.

All Aqua Oleum organic carrier oils are authorized by the Soil Association. Their symbol on the label gives you confidence that they are certified to a standard that you can trust.

Key Benefits:

Excellent lubricant, revitalizing and nourishing, rich in minerals and vitamins.

This oil can be applied to the skin direct or blended with essential oils for an aromatic massage.

Tips: Use as an everyday face and body moisturiser with a couple of drops of an essential oil added to suit your skin type.


Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes. Seek advice if pregnant. Store away from children.


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