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Salvestrol Platinum 60Salvestrol Platinum

Several nutrients are essential for good health, but cannot be produced in the human body. Our body gets these nutrients from what we consume and if our diet is deficient in these essential nutrients, it will adversely affect our health and well-being.

One group of nutrients, which can be obtained only from our diet, are called salvestrols. Salvestrols belong to a class of compounds called phytonutrients (produced by plants).

There are several compounds in this group and though they are chemically different from each other, there is a similarity in the way in which they act. Salvestrols work by reacting with an enzyme present in our cells. This enzyme is present only in abnormal and unhealthy cells.

The enzyme reacts with salvestrols to produce a toxin that kills the cell. As this enzyme is not present in healthy cells, they are unaffected. Salvestrols thus help the body fight disease.

Our Diets Are No Longer Giving Us The Required Amounts Of Salvestrols

Prof. Dan BurkeThe credit for the discovery of these essential compounds goes to two UK scientists, Prof. Gerry Potter and Prof. Dan Burke. They were trying to synthesise compounds, which fight disease by killing sick cells while leaving healthy cells unaffected. While working on this project, they realised that compounds with similar structures were already available in several foods in low concentrations.

They researched this further and made the surprising discovery that foods, which should have been rich in these compounds were actually showing low concentrations and in some cases did not contain them at all. When they investigated further, they found that modern farming, food processing and our food preferences was robbing us of these highly essential nutrients.

How We Sacrificed Nutrition For Taste

Salvestrols are bitter and plant varieties which are low in them taste much better. Our preference for better tasting food has led to selective breeding  and cultivation with a preference for plant varieties which are low in these compounds. So the problem starts at the cultivation stage itself.

Poor lifestyles have created problems like obesity and people are more conscious about their weight and careful about their diet. There is a preference for foods which are sugar free.

To make foods taste better without adding sugar or sweeteners, the food processing industry is  using manufacturing processes that remove bitter substances from food. In this process, the bitter tasting salvestrols tend to get eliminated.

Pesticide Use Has Made The Problem Worse

Although selective cultivation and food processing are factors, the most important reason for the low concentration of these compounds is the rampant use of chemical pesticides.

Salvestrols are produced by plants to fight disease and make themselves less appealing to pests. The use of pesticides has reduced the exposure of plants to pests, disease causing bacteria and fungi. Over time, plants have reduced their production of salvestrols as their requirement has diminished. This is one more reason to switch to organic farming and organic produce.

Where We Stand Today

It is estimated that we are consuming only a tenth of the amount of salvestrols that people a century ago consumed through diet. Scientists have identified close to thirty of these essential compounds so far, but estimate that the actual number could be over fifty.

In an attempt to identify the rest, they are analysing organically grown food sources and old varieties of plants, which have not been commercially cultivated for many decades.

Give your body the ability to fight disease. Salvestrol Platinum gives your body sufficient quantities of these vital nutrients.

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