VEGAN Wholefood Plant Nutrition With Cocoa 250g


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With this dairy-free vegan protein blend and wholefood ingredients, it’s easy to feed your body with all the nutrients, fibre and vitamins you need. Ideal as a healthy breakfast option or healthy protein/meal replacement shake.

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A 40g serving of Purition can be enjoyed once and occasionally twice daily.
Put 200-250ml of your favourite milk into a blender. Add 40-50g of Purition, and anything else you might like! Blend and enjoy as a healthy shake. Or simply stir in to a dietary appropriate natural or greek yogurt.


Hemp Protein Concentrate, Golden Linseed, Sunflower kernels , <b>Almonds</b> NUTS, Coconut, Cocoa, Chia (Salvia Hispanica), Pumpkin seeds, <b>SESAME</b> seeds, Nutritional Yeast, Psyllium Husk, Apple Pectin, Sweetener: Steviol glycosides (Stevia)


Made in a factory that handles nuts


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