What is the Cabbage Soup diet and is it healthy? Let’s take a look at the diet itself and then explain why it isn’t seen as a healthy way to lose weight.

To begin with, this diet should only be utilized for seven days. It involves eating cabbage soup along with a variety of fruits, potatoes, bananas, skimmed milk, tomatoes, beef, vegetables, brown rice and unsweetened fruit juice. That’s the basis of the seven day diet.

The problem with this diet is twofold. One, you are literally starving on this diet because while the soup may suppress your need to eat, your body is burning muscle instead of fat. What you do lose during the seven days on this diet is water.

According to nutritionists, you are not receiving the necessary RDA of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients when on the Cabbage Soup diet. They also assert that this diet is not a balanced one and lacks the protein, calcium, and vitamins you need on a daily basis.

This diet is clearly not a healthy one, and experts advise that anyone who commits to this diet for more than seven days could suffer from weakness and become disoriented due to an insufficient caloric intake. In addition, the Cabbage Soup diet can cause gastrointestinal conditions.

Experts from the American Dietetic Association state that because this diet is low in calories, it is depriving the body of the necessary nutrients to lead and sustain a healthy life.

So why are people still turning to this diet? Some believe it is because they have been unsuccessful with other diets and so that are looking for the quickest way to lose weight. But expediency does not outweigh safety.

Realistically, you cannot lose the pronounced ten pounds in seven days, since the weight loss most likely comes from water and lean muscle tissue instead. Thus, the recommendation by nutrition experts is not to consider the Cabbage Soup diet under any conditions.

However, if you are still considering this diet, ensure that you are in good health. Diabetics and others who have dietary needs that require special foods should not go on this diet.

While the Cabbage Soup diet is still popular, it is well worth the effort to research the drawbacks before you decide to try it. You may agree with just about every nutritional expert that it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Your health comes first in any diet plan you choose. Read the reviews about the Cabbage Soup diet and determine if it’s right for you.

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