The Sustainable Omega 3 Fish Oil Range

Wiley's Finest Fish Oil

Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oils are premium supplements that are a leader in the Natural Food Industry in the US. Their philosophy focus on supporting good health by providing consumers with a range of products made from fish oils that are loaded with natural Omega-3’s EPA & DHA – which offers extensive health benefits for the whole family

Now Wiley’s Finest is launching nationwide in the UK via the country’s best natural food stores, including

Wiley’s Finest want to deliver on the “omega-3 promise” by delivering a high quality omega-3 product that provides clinically significant amounts of essential EPA and DHA that would challenge the best known brands in the industry at a lower price to the customer. But it doesn’t stop there. What truly differentiates the line is its iron-clad guarantee of sustainability and its refusal to use the same source of omega-3’s than almost every brand in the world, Instead, Wiley’s Finest products are made from sustainable wild Alaskan Pollock – making it the only omega-3 supplement range that is 100% certified by the Marine Stewardship Council sustainable seafood program (MSC).

Furthermore, Wiley’s Finest don’t just sell and market the products, they manufacturer them in their family owned and operated facilities. Due to these reasons and more, there is no wonder why discerning customers recognize that line as having selling points, which are unprecedented in the omega-3 category.

Available in a choice of soft gel capsules or liquid, Wiley’s Finest Omega-3s are recommended for supporting:

Normal blood pressure
Healthy brain function
Reduced inflammation
Healthy pre and post partum health for mother and baby.

Available in 4 variants, Wiley’s has a product to suit you and your lifestyle…

Easy Swallow Minis – half the size, more Omega-3 per soft gel. Well balanced EPA & DHA product that is 55% smaller than regular size fish oil soft gels, but has 30% more Omega-3 per soft gel. Take 2 daily with food.

Peak EPA Gel Caps – with 4x more Omega-3s than regular strength fish oil, Peak EPA provides a peak dose of Omega-3s. Take 1 soft gel daily with food.

Peak Omega-3 Liquid 125ml – great tasting! Wiley’s highest strength liquid with an award winning natural lemon flavour, all you need is 1tsp a day of this miracle liquid!

Peak Omega-3 Liquid 250ml

Orange Burst 250ml – naturally flavoured and naturally contains vitamins A & D, Omega-7 and Astaxanthin. Serving: 1tsp per day.

Wiley’s Finest products featuring Wild Alaskan Fish Oil are the natural solution to promoting better health for you and all the family.

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