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Formulated to reduce throat-based snoring and improve your sleep quality, this anti-snoring throat spray specifically targets the blocked airway in the back of the throat. It consists of natural ingredients with no known side effects, making it safe and non-addictive.

By reducing inflammation and irritation in the throat, this unique blend of natural ingredients promotes better airflow and reduces snoring. Using the spray is easy; simply spray once under the tongue and once into the back of your throat before bedtime for a peaceful night’s sleep.
Since 1995, SnoreStop has been medically proven as the only over-the-counter natural solution to help stop snoring, without being a device. Unlike mouth guards or chin straps which are expensive, inconvenient, and uncomfortable, SnoreStop offers an easier solution that does not require you to sleep in a certain position or wear something on your face all night long.

SnoreStop contains pre-approved natural mineral and plant-based ingredients accepted and recognized by the FDA. It is manufactured in an FDA GMP approved facility in the USA. Say goodbye to disruptive snoring keeping you and your partner up at night. Try SnoreStop today for better sleep and a happier, healthier life.

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