When someone asks you if your asthma is under control, what do you say? Asthma sufferers often feel that their asthma is controlled if they can manage attacks with an inhaler. But true control involves preventing attacks in the first place, not treating them once they occur.

Allergies and asthma do not always go hand in hand, but many people suffer from both of them. Most asthma sufferers have specific triggers that provoke their attacks. Those who have allergies also experience symptoms in conjunction with certain triggers. In some cases these triggers are unavoidable, but we can often reduce them as long as we know what they are. Here are some ways that we can stop allergic reactions and asthma attacks before they start.

* Pay attention to the circumstances surrounding your asthma attacks. What do they have in common? Making a note of these things can help you determine what is causing the attacks, and that is the first step in avoiding them.

* Avoid common triggers such as smoke and strong fumes. These are some of the things that often instigate asthma attacks, so it is best to stay away from them as much as possible.

* Stay indoors when pollution and pollen levels are high. Going out when there is an overabundance of these things in the air can be asking for trouble.

* Get rid of dust in your home. Use an air purifier, and keep your home as clean as possible. Vacuuming with a regular vacuum cleaner may make things worse, though. Clean with water as much as possible. This traps the dust so that it can’t fly, keeping it out of your nose.

* Keep pets outside. Pet hair, feathers, dander, and even saliva can cause allergic reactions in susceptible people. It is advisable to keep all pets except fish out of the homes of allergy sufferers.

* Don’t give mold a chance to grow. Mold loves damp places, so make sure that there aren’t any in your home. This can be accomplished by running a dehumidifier and making sure that damp areas have plenty of ventilation.

* Make sure that cockroaches feel as unwelcome as possible. These are frequent allergy and asthma triggers. Eliminating clutter and sources of food and water will prevent cockroaches from finding the things they need to survive in your home, and they will be forced to look elsewhere.

Medication is crucial to most allergy and asthma sufferers. It can help them avoid experiencing symptoms, and it can help stop them when they do occur. But it is also important to exercise control over environmental triggers in order to control these ailments effectively. Whether you have allergies, asthma, or both, these tips can help you breathe easier.

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