According to research, studies have shown that there is a 25% rate of success for people who undergo hypnosis as a method to quit smoking. Does hypnosis really help smokers quit? According to studies, the answer is yes.

What is hypnosis and how does it work? Hypnosis allows your subconscious mind to become open to suggestion under a relaxed state. The subconscious mind then becomes more receptive to the directives given by the hypnotherapist.

Does hypnosis really work? According to several hypnotherapists, it can if it is done the proper way. The success rate falls within the range of 66% to 95%, based on several sessions of hypnosis and the willingness of the individual to want to quit smoking.

The myth surrounding hypnosis is that an individual under hypnosis becomes unconscious or prone to act out commands directed by the hypnotist. And it is just that, a myth. This scenario is more theatrical and can be seen on TV shows and in nightclub acts. Real hypnosis allows the individual to become fully conscious but in a relaxed state. The subconscious is then receptive to the directions given by the hypnotherapist.

In other words, if you are committed to quit smoking, that is half the battle. Once the hypnotist reaches the subconscious, keywords are used to suggest that, for example, quitting smoking will be easy, your desire to smoke is dissipating, and you do not wish to smoke any longer.

In addition, hypnotherapists maintain that anyone can be hypnotized successfully. This is a safe and effective method wherein you can end a session at any given moment. You are not asleep, as some may think, but fully aware of everything the hypnotist is telling you.

The bottom line is that if you really and truly wish to quit smoking, then hypnosis can work for you. Your subconscious will be open to the suggestions given by the hypnotist over several sessions, and eventually your desire to smoke will decrease. Finally, you will find cigarettes an abhorrent and disgusting habit.

Are there instances wherein someone who is hypnotized reverts back to smoking? In some cases, yes, there are. But there are hypnotherapists who offer lifetime assistance to those who fall into this category.

If the desire to quit is there, and the subconscious is open to suggestions to quit smoking, hypnosis can be an alternative to gums, patches, and medications. The key is to find a hypnotherapist who has a proven track record, is highly qualified, and will work with you to achieve this goal.

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