Ever wondered why New Year’s resolutions exist? Some people theorize that New Year’s resolutions began about 4000 years ago, when the ancient Babylonians resolved to return any farming equipment they borrowed during the year to their rightful owners in time for the start of the New Year. The tradition has changed and modern resolutions now regularly include plans to improve our lives.
Resolutions now commonly include quitting smoking, eating better and working out more. Whatever the resolution or the reason they exist, they are definitely part of our culture, and New Year is the perfect time to make a change in our lives. Here’s why:

* You’re in the right frame of mind. New Year’s is the perfect time to make life-changing plans. You’ve just celebrated the end of the old year and are getting ready for the new one. It’s a time of planning and reflection – there is no better time to make a life change than when you are assessing the past and planning for the future.

* You will have the support of friends and family committing to similar goals. The excuse, “everyone else is doing it,” didn’t work as a child, but as an adult you can use it to your advantage. If the collective conscious is one of change and improvement, you can use it to help you succeed. Talk around the office and with friends and family naturally gravitates toward change and improvement this time of year, and that can be extremely motivating. Additionally, simply because everyone else is doing it means you’ll be able to support and motivate each other.

* It’s a good measurement. One year from now you can take a look and celebrate your success. A year is an excellent yardstick. It’s also a comfortable length of time to work with. A year gives you enough time to take on lofty goals from quitting smoking to losing 50 pounds to running a marathon. A year gives you enough time to plan how you’re going to achieve your goals, make mistakes and still come out successful.

After the end of the year, next New Year’s Eve, you can take a look back, celebrate your success, and plan another fantastic and life-improving New Year’s resolution. Create a cycle of success for yourself and invest your time and energy in actively participating in New Year’s resolutions. It’s the perfect time to grab a hold of the reins and improve your life.

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