The Waterman is the unique portable solution to safe drinking water. Its central cartridge contains alkaline minerals, magnets and activated carbon filter medium. It re-mineralises and ionises ordinary tap water while filtering out chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria. The Waterman is easy to use. Simply fill it up, drink it down, or take it with you to immediately enjoy the benefits of fresh alkaline hydration on the go.

The Waterman makes it easy to drink two litres of good water a day.
• Activated coconut shell carbon bonded with silver reduces impurities – chlorine, heavy metals & bacteria.
• Quickly re-mineralises tap water with alkaline mineral cartridge
• Clean, fresh tasting water
• Portable for hiking, sports, travel, in flight, gym, camping, school and work
• Economical and easy hydration – avoid expensive bottled waters
• No landfill waste from discarded shop-bought water bottles
• Filters up to 800 litres and has a replaceable filter cartridge
• Compact size, lightweight – no electricity or tap connection required

Environmentally friendly choice

Store-bought bottled water isn’t just expensive. It contributes to the consumption of tonnes of environmentally un-friendly plastic waste made from non-renewable fossil fuel resources. When these bottles are emptied, the greater percentage become landfill – or garbage that ends up in waterways. Greenhouse gases are the by-products of manufacturing these disposable, store-bought plastic water bottles & many of the reusable bottles which still have a limited lifespan. So to are the carbon emissions from vehicles that transport these bottles to shops. The re-usable Waterman makes it easy to drink fresh alkaline water anywhere – without wasting your money or the planet’s resources in the process.
It’s a powerful, long-lasting filter

The Waterman filter significantly reduces chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria from tap water. Water quality tests show that the Waterman removes up to 99% of chlorine – a harsh, unpleasant tasting toxic chemical used to disinfect bacteria in municipal tap water. To help remove and prevent the propagation of harmful bacteria
The Waterman filter contains long lasting silver-activated coconut shell carbon, magnets, bio ceramics and Somelite™ coral sand. The result? Cleaner, healthier, great tasting drinking water for you or your family’s hydration needs. Pets too.

It’s an ioniser

Beneficial negative ions abound in Nature in good quality air and some naturally occurring minerals. The minerals in the Waterman filter significantly reduce the positive ion count of the tap water filtered through its filter medium. Our patented Bio ceramics, which emit a far-infrared energy into the water creating negative ions which increase the energetic nature of the water giving it life & creating a clean fresh taste. Also helps to reduce the water molecule size to help you hydrate faster & reduce acidic build up in our cells.
It’s an alkaliser
Stress and over consumption of processed, acidic foods and drinks disturb the blood’s natural alkaline balance of pH 7.4. This balance is critical to preserving good health and immunity as degenerative disease thrives in an acidic environment.

The Waterman minerals produce an alkaline pH of around 8.5 – 9.5 to the filtered water. This aids your body in neutralising the acidic build up from our lifestyles & diets & helps to restore optimum functionality to major organs & immune system while noticeably increasing energy & concentration.
It efficiently delivers fresh, easy-to-drink alkaline water, wherever you are. It is lightweight and easy to take it with you so that you never need to go thirsty or drink acidic drinks again (Teas, coffee, soft drinks & most bottled water). The taste is excellent, clean & crisp as water should be!
It’s magnetised!
The waterman contains special magnets, which restore waters natural hexagonal cell structure giving a reduced cluster size & surface tension. This enables the water to penetrate into your cells faster & with greater ease thus increasing your rate of hydration.

It re-mineralises tap water

The Somelite™ coral sand in the Waterman re-mineralises water, working together with bio ceramics to enrich water with around 60 essential sea based minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.
A mineral-deficient diet can contribute to significant health problems, causing mental and physical symptoms that affect everyday behaviour. A good source of mineral-rich hydration, together with proper nutrition, can give the body minerals it needs to stay in good health.
De-oxidised water
The ORP (Oxidation reduction potential) value of the mineral water from the Waters Bio Mineral Pots is very close to the structure of the water in a living cell. Giving this water a greater cellular affinity for hydration & helps to combat cellular & DNA damage from acidic lifestyles.

It’s completely portable!
Completely portable, compact and lightweight, the Waterman goes where you go. It fills easily from any tap, making it great for home, sports, travel, gym and work use. Rather than carrying the weight of a lot of heavy water when travelling, carry the Waterman, and filter as you go. No electricity is needed.

It’s safe!
The Waterman is made from BPA free materials & is non-leeching & due to the nature of the filter it retains a bacteriostatic function. This prevents the propagation of bacteria, which is one of the biggest problems with other reusable & also disposable bottles.

The portable waterman is available at

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