Botanical Bodywash Geranium & Peppermint 300ml


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GREENFROG BOTANIC GERANIUM & PEPPERMINT BODY WASH is made from soapberries and grown sustainably in the mighty Himalayan mountains of the East, where for centuries they have been used for washing the whole body. These magical berries, used in Ayurveda leave your body superbly clean and really respect the PH of your skin.  There are no nasty chemicals, parabens, sulphates or Palm oil.

Infused with high quality, antioxidant and moisturising aloe vera and combined with calming geranium oil and cooling peppermint oil, this body wash acts a deep conditioner for your skin.

Greenfrog Botanic not only cares for you, but for the environment too. 

Vegan Approved, Vegetarian Certified, Cruelty Free, Palm oil Free, key certified organic ingredients and made in the UK

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