Ketone Test Strips


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NKD Living ketone strips provide fast reliable ketone testing for people on ketogenic, paleo or low carbohydrate diets. There are 120 test strips, packed as two separate packs of 60 strips to prevent oxidation and improve the lifespan of the strips.

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1) Take out a single test strip.
2) Expose the test pad to urine for an instant, shake off any excess.
3) After 15 seconds compare the colour on the pad to the colour chart on the bottle.
4) The colour will tell you if there are ketones present in your urine and an approximate level.


Sodium nitroprusside 7.1%

Storage Instructions

Keep away from light and moisture.

Replace cap after removing a strip.

Do not touch test area of strips.

Once opened use within 90 days

This product is not intented to replace medical advice.


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