Otosan Nasal Spray Forte 30ml


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A fast-acting decongestant, with natural multi-action.
Otosan® nasal spray is recommended for use from the age of approx. 12 years.

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Blow your nose before use. Spray the solution into each nasal opening while holding the head vertically. After spraying, press lightly with the index finger on the nostril to allow the solution to be distributed over the entire nasal mucosa. A slight and temporary itching after the application is normal and harmless. After use, rinse the spray nozzle with lukewarm water and dry it with a paper tissue. Dosage: 1 spray per nostril 2 to 4 times daily for 10-15 days.

Read label before use.


Hypertonic Sea Water 2,2%, Aloe Vera, Blackcurrant, Mountain Pine, Tea Tree, Lemon Extracts


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