Set of Original Bach Flower Remedies 38 x 20ml in Wallet Leather


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An exclusive set made by Bach™ Original Flower Remedies, this set makes it easier to have Bach™ Original Flower Remedies with you all the time. The portable Wallet Remedy Set is beautifully crafted and easy to carry with you. Made of faux black leather, it is durable and light and holds 20ml essences. 

The kit contains: 38 x 20ml Essences 2 x RESCUE Remedy® 20ml droppers, 1 x Mixing bottle with labels 

  • Individual elastic bands hold 20ml bottles in place securely so essences can be transported safely. 
  • Bottles are alphabetically organized and easy to find when in consultations. 
  • Allocated section on leather flap to contain your business cards. 
  • Embossed in gold on the front with Edward Bach’s signature ensuring authenticity and quality. 
  • Side handle ensures that the user can hold the kit as well as place it in a bag


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