Vitamin D3 + K2 Adult 12ml


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Scientifically researched Vitamin K2. Optimum dose. One spray delivers 400IU Vitamin D3 and 90μg MenaQ7. Vitamin K2 spray for optimal absorption. Registered with The Vegan Society. Made in the UK. Tropical orange flavoured. From 13 years old.

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MCT Oil, Vitamin E as d-alpha tocopherol


13-18 years: 1 spray per day. 13 weeks supply
Over 19 years: 2 sprays per day. 6 weeks supply

1. Shake well before use.
2. Dosages vary, see instructions.
3. Administer into your mouth once a day.

Retain the packaging for continuous reference.


MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride oil from Coconut), Glycerol (from Rapeseed oil), MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 menaquinone (MK7), Tropical Orange Flavouring (from Natural Orange Oil), Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol (plant-sourced), Antioxidant: Vitamin E as d-alpha tocopherol


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