Salvestrol® Platinum is a dietary supplement containing concentrated extracts of fruits like tangerine, blueberries and orange peel. It is available in capsule form at a strength of 2000 Salvestrol® points per capsule.

Salvestrols® are produced by plants to fight plant diseases. But in the human body Salvestrol® fulfils a different role.

Our body needs adequate quantities of Salvestrol® to fight dangerous abnormal cell growth. Salvestrol® cannot be produced by our body, so we depend on our diet to get adequate amounts of these essential phytonutrients.

In humans Salvestrol® are activated by an enzyme that is virtually confined to such abnormal cells. Salvestrol® interact with this enzyme to produce compounds that are toxic to the cell, which results in death of the abnormal cell. In contrast in normal cells this enzyme is virtually absent, so that normal cells remain unharmed.

Modern farming, food selection and food processing have resulted in our diet becoming deficient in these essential nutrients. It is estimated that over a century ago, the average daily diet contained at least 10 times the amount of Salvestrol® that we consume today.

For Salvestrol® therapy, a strong Salvestrol® supplement like Salvestrol® Platinum (2000 points per capsule) is taken daily around mealtime.


BlueberriesAlthough Salvestrol® are considered safe at much higher than the recommended intake, safety during pregnancy and breast-feeding has not been established.

There are no known side-effects of Salvestrol® Platinum. It is also safe for children, but for children below 12 years of age, a doctor should be consulted.


Dosage should be adjusted according to the severity of the problem and the individual’s response to Salvestrols. It is usually not necessary to adjust intake for body weight or BMI.

As a general supplement, usually one capsule of Salvestrol® Platinum 2000 points per day is sensible.

Interactions With Other Supplements And Drugs

Orange PeelSalvestrol® products are free from the natural compounds that cause the grapefruit juice interaction with medicines.

Unless a specific drug cannot be taken with fruits or fruit products that are listed on the label of the supplement, there is no need to worry about any interaction. If you have any doubt, you should check with your doctor.

In the specific case that there is concern regarding possible interaction during treatment with a particular drug, you should consult your doctor. In such a case, intake of Salvestrols® should be resumed only a few days after the drug therapy has ended.

To ensure the maximum benefit from Salvestrol® Platinum it is recommended to consume organic food and undertake aerobic exercise.

Salvestrol Platinum has been shown to be save and effective for dogs (be aware that the product contains some grape).

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