One of the problems we all face is how to maintain a diet during the holiday season. Undoubtedly for some it is fasting the week before Thanksgiving. There is less guilt when sitting down to enjoy this delicious feast. This has sometimes been the norm rather than the exception.

To avoid having to fast or go on a crash diet and still be able to enjoy the holiday fare, here are some tips for sticking to the diet maintained all year long without having to worry about the guilt and the added pounds.

Experts recommend drinking a few glasses of water and having a protein snack before beginning a holiday feast. There is an old expression, to wit; never go food shopping on an empty stomach. The same applies to the holidays. If preparing the holiday meal or being invited to a family gathering, eat a snack beforehand and drink water to alleviate the need to begin nibbling before the sit down meal commences.

Prepare a vegetable tray for guests with a low fat dip. If you have been invited to someone’s home, bring a vegetable tray as well. It is not only healthy but is a wonderful alternative for others who may be dieting as well.

Check out some recipes online that can be incorporated in preparing holiday meals and which offer substitutes for high-fat content. In addition, instead of the array of desserts traditionally served every year, why not make an angel food cake and top it with berries and low fat whipped cream.

Serve vegetables along with the Thanksgiving turkey. This is not only a healthy alternative to stuffing but can be served in many different ways. If serving a salad use low fat dressing. A delicious homemade vegetable soup can be prepared as a second course instead of pasta.

There are so many different ways in which to use alternative foods during the holidays, yet still enjoy every morsel. Moreover, portion control is the key to maintaining any diet. We all know that holiday fare consists of many courses. Take a walk with family members or friends in between courses. If the weather permits, play a game of touch football in the backyard.

While these are just some tips to help stick to the diet you have maintained all year long, you can still enjoy the holidays. Substitute foods high in fat with recipes that are just as pleasing to the eye and palate as the traditional foods offered during the holiday season.

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