Touch does wonders to help you relax. Think about those times when you’ve felt down or had a bad day; holding a child’s hand or holding an infant in your arms can melt away all of the stresses you may have felt and bring you to a state of psychological and physical wellbeing.

For some individuals, especially senior citizens who live alone or are confined to nursing homes, a simply touch can re-awaken feelings of happiness and a sense of belonging.

The sense of touch can not only relax, but heal as well.

Conversely, for those of you who work at computers all day long, having someone give you a neck and back massage can have an immediate effect. While you may be quite tense in the beginning, a few minutes later you find yourself sinking into the chair as the tension begins to dissipate.

You could be engaging in a heated conversation at home – then one of your children may come up to you and gently touch your hand. The conversation abruptly ends and you forget what it was you were fighting about.

Pet owners also enjoy the benefits of relaxation by stroking, cuddling, and spending time with their pets. You can be in the worst mood, but when you come home and your pet is jumping with excitement as you walk in the door and you have that first touch, all of the worries of the day go away. Now you can relax.

Let’s face it; we all need a hug now and then. Whether it’s from a spouse, a child, a sister, or a friend – it does change the way we feel and it does help change our attitude. Sometimes, hugging ourselves – the inner child in us – can not only make us feel better but put us in a relaxed and comfortable state of mind.

Children who are taken to a petting zoo for the first time derive a great deal of pleasure touching different animals. The textures of different animals are new to them and they giggle with joy.

The art of touching can relax, heal, soothe, and comfort. It can be sensual, sexual, and even allow individuals who have low self-esteem to open up and discuss their feelings.

It is the touch of a child that can make a grumpy old man smile; it is the touch of a friend that can create a comfort zone in which one is relaxed enough to share feelings; it is a mother’s touch that can relax a crying child into a peaceful state of slumber.