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The average man in the UK spends over £100 per year on supplements designed to make their body look better, but whilst men focus on expanding their muscles the majority are forgetting to look after the bit that they care about most – their penis.

Studies show that 3 in 5 men want a bigger penis and that women are more attracted to men who are well endowed downstairs. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that women are prone to talking about their partner’s size and ability in the bedroom. But despite these facts, the vast majority of men have never considered giving their most prized asset the same kind of attention as other areas of the body.

Scepticism seems to play a big part in men when it comes to taking herbal supplements that are designed to improve sexual function. But the vast majority of those who take herbal supplements see enough of a benefit to persevere with the supplements 12 months or more.

“I honestly feel that Ultimate P3 it has given me increased sexual confidence and that I can satisfy my partner every time,” says one user of Ultimate P3 after just two months use, illustrating that male enhancement pills do work for many.

At first, it isn’t obvious why herbal enhancement products have such a positive effect on male function, but when you look closer at the ingredients you can see a pattern emerging. Products such as Ultimate P3 often use a combination of herbal ingredients that provide a range of benefits, particularly those that complement male function – having a positive effect on the heart and circulatory system, as well as gradually elevating symptoms of stress. In addition to this, male enhancement products like Ultimate P3 boost energy levels which in turn help increase a man’s overall sense of wellbeing.

Nerves, stress and gradually weakening circulation are three of the biggest factors that cause loss of erection quality and poor performance in the bedroom so addressing these issues can lead to vastly improved sexual relations for the majority of men – giving them improved capacity that could lead to longer lasting erections that look bigger than normal and feel better.

With the majority of daily-dose herbal supplements like Ultimate P3 requiring just two tablets per day, a similar dosage to most protein supplements, the next time you have a protein shake think about the areas of your body you are neglecting and ask yourself if you want the complete package.

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