There is a school of thought that vitamin supplements may help those with diabetes, along with exercise and a proper diet to keep the blood sugar levels low. What vitamin supplements come into play?

Vitamin E may lower cholesterol levels as well as decrease the risk of cardiovascular conditions that can occur as a result of diabetes.

Some experts also assert that magnesium supplements may be effective because there seems to be a lack of magnesium in diabetics. This supplement may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as retinopathy.

A vitamin supplement which may increase the ability to sustain insulin is zinc. Moreover, it may also aid in increasing glucose tolerance.

Vitamin B-12 may help in treating diabetic neuropathy. This is a condition that causes nerve damage, which can result in the numbing of the feet and/or tingling in the hands, arms, and legs.

Vitamin B-6, on the other hand, may decrease the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy in people who have Type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin C supplements are important for people with diabetes as it may increase the insulin in the body. It also maintains cholesterol levels, helps to strengthen the immune system, and can help in preventing infection as well.

One other important supplement is chromium which helps diabetics in two ways: it improves the function of insulin in the body and keeps cholesterol at an acceptable level.

Biotin, another one of the B vitamins, may help in processing glucose.

Instead of an apple a day you may wish to try a banana a day; these are rich in potassium. Potassium, in the form of a daily supplement, may improve one’s immediate response to insulin since insulin, in and of itself, may cause a deficiency in potassium.

Finally, the American Diabetes Association recommends that anyone who has diabetes should supplement their diet with vitamins B-12 and B-6 as well as reduce smoking and alcohol intake. Further, they recommend dietary sources containing folic acid which include: “grain and cereal products, spinach, orange juice, strawberries, and peanuts.”

Before taking any vitamin supplements, check with your doctor beforehand.