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NourSea Calanus®  oil is a new and bioactive form of omega-3.

Calanus oil is a natural, unrefined oil from small crustaceans, such as the 3-5mm Calanus finmarchicus, belonging to the copepods.


Calanus finmarchicus is part of zooplankton and is found in large quantities in the Arctic Ocean. The naturally high content of the carotenoid astaxanthin gives the oil its characteristic dark red colour.

Calanus oil comes in the form of natural wax esters. This oil is energy rich has a better absorption. The form of omega-3 is at least as important as the amount that is taken.

NourSea Calanus oil has a special fat composition and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids (over 20%). The uniqueness of Calanus oil is that over 86% of the fatty acids are in the form of wax esters [1]: esters of fatty acids and fatty alcohols (fatty acids bound to fatty alcohols). This gives the oil specific properties that are not or less present in ‘regular’ fish oil or krill oil.

NourSea Calanus oil is the purest and most potent energy package Arctic nature can offer.

This oil also contains 0.1% natural astaxanthin and – in addition to EPA and DHA – SDA (stearidonic acid).


Calanus Finmarchicus is caught in northern Arctic waters. The total biomass is about 300 million tons, several times larger than the total biomass of fish in those waters.

NourSea Calanus oil is a new sustainable and ecologically responsible source of omega-3 fatty acids for humans. The omega-3 fatty acids are mainly composed of eicosapentaenoic acid EPA, docosahexaenoic acid DHA and stearidonic acid SDA.

It has been shown to be well absorbed by humans and increases the EPA and DHA plasma levels.

The high content of stearidonic acid is interesting because it is an effective precursor for EPA. In a study of healthy subjects, the EPA content in the blood increased significantly with NourSea Calanus oil compared to the omega-3 fatty acid of a fish oil product, despite the twice higher intake dose of EPA with the fish oil product

Recommended use:    1 to 2 softgels twice daily with or after a meal. Do not exceed the recommended use.

The softgels are made from fish gelatine

Ingredients:                 Calanus (Calanus finmarchicus) crustacean oil (zooplankton

                                    * wax esters 425mg
                                    * unsaturated fatty acids 145mg
                                    * omega-3 105mg in total
                                    * astaxanthin 300mcg

Excipients:                   Stabiliser (capsule: fish gelatine, glycerine, water)


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